On this Christmas Day…

Monday I spent the morning at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I sat by the bedside of one of my young friends. When I first met this child a year or so ago, the energy my friend had when we played! As I like to say, what a hoot! Remission filled his parents and all of us with joy. Remission was not to last. The cancer is back. Monday I sat by my young friend’s bed watching a very sick child. My heart Monday morning was sad. Mom told me she is at peace being back at St. Jude. This Christmas morning I am thinking about this young friends. I prayed for him and other St. Jude children who have captured my heart as they so bravely fight their battles. I prayed for the families of my little friends who died this year.

We naturally ask why. O how I asked why not me instead of my sweet, innocent grandson Sully. Now, as I sat in this room two rooms down from the room where my grandson died, I ask why when this old man sits by the bedside of a young friend fighting for life. There is no satisfying answer, no heart comforting answer. Yet on this Christmas Day I remember the coming of Christ. I remember his embodiment of the love of God. God’s love which we are promised never forsakes us. As difficult as it is, I see Christ on the cross and his empty tomb, and yes, I trust that God’s love is always present. I trust the hope of Christ is so very real. The love of God and the hope he gives, yes I have to believe, is with my little friend, with all my young friends at St. Jude, this morning. As they were with our precious Sully and still are.

May the love, the hope, and the peace of God in Jesus Christ fill your hearts this Christmas day. God’s blessings.

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