A CHRISTMAS PRAYER–Lessons from Sully

6-24img_2572A baby in the manger. The Son of God come in the flesh. We ponder the wonder. We seek to understand his impact on our lives.

A baby born with leukemia. My grandson Sully. We ponder the wonder of his short life. We seek to understand his impact on our lives.

A couple years ago I was sitting at lunch with a group of St. Jude Children’s Hospital nurses. One of them had known Sully. She reflected on Sully’s life of fifteen months. “Sully always smiled. All the chemo and heavy duty meds, the suffering which he endured, yet he always smiled.”

As I remember Sully on this Christmas, I share with you the lessons with which Sully blessed this grandfather’s heart and life.

No matter how painful life may be, smile.

Do not grumble and complain. Cry, scream in pain, but then remember the Lord, remember the blessings of people–family and friends, and smile.

Do not waste life wallowing in the difficulties, smile and live with hope.

Remember what is important: a good attitude, a smile, a ‘thank you,’ a ‘let me help you,’ people, and God.

Live with faith. No matter what, trust God.

So here is my Christmas prayer for us all. “Lord, help us to have a like sweet spirit as Sully’s spirit–a spirit of love that enjoys people. Give us a like toughness of spirit to persevere, to smile, and to wait on the Lord.”

May your Christmas and New Year be clothed in the grace and blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s blessings,
Sully’s Paw, forever

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