Christmas Gifts for Your Children

Journey through the Shadowlands

PICT1295Children add something so special to this season. I have precious childhood memories of Christmas. How precious are the memories, even more so, of our own children and Christmas. Now the grandchildren. As I reflect on Christmases past and present, I wonder, do we attempt to buy our children’s happiness with gifts quickly forgotten? Do we fail to devote as much joy, expense, and effort in giving the gifts that last a lifetime? So here is my suggested list of gifts for parents to give to their children. A list for grandparents to give to their grandchildren. Give these gifts now and throughout the year. You do not need a check, cash, or plastic to buy them. You simply need all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, and all your strength.

Gift one–LOVE! I know, this is obvious, or is it? Jesus said, “As I have loved you…

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