Crisp Air, Turkey, Football

Journey through the Shadowlands

Liberty vs. Allen Liberty close to touchdown Liberty vs. Allen
Liberty close to touchdown

Every Thanksgiving I remember the crisp air, turkey, and football of my youth. There were no league championships or state playoffs. There was something bigger, the Turkey Day game with your arch rival. I remember the cool, sunny, Thanksgiving mornings at the stadium, with my friends. If you had a date you bought her a corsage with school colors. We cheered on our Liberty High School Hurricanes against the William Allen High School Canaries. One of my favorite pictures in my senior year book is of the Turkey Day game. There is Ron Mohap or Ron Kline struggling to break a tackle and cross the goal line. The picture captures everything about the event, the teams, the fans, the sunny, crisp air with the scents of autumn.

My memories are filled with things so often taken for granted–air, sun, autumn, friends, time to…

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